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Learning & Decision Making Lab Rutgers Newark
Tricomi Learning & Decision Making Lab Rutgers Newark

The Learning and Decision Making lab at Rutgers University, directed by Dr. Elizabeth Tricomi, engages in research investigating the neural underpinnings of feedback-based learning and its associated reward processing.


Our affective experience of feedback, whether it is positive or negative, can provide information that helps us to shape our future behavior. We study how behavior changes following feedback processing by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in combination with behavioral methods.


Our recent research interests concern how context influences feedback processing. For example, one's sense of agency in producing an outcome or one's motivation to perform well may affect how one reacts to positive or negative feedback.


This research will contribute to our knowledge of how learning and decision making work in the normal brain, as well as help us understand how these processes are impaired in disorders of reward processing, such as addiction.

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